The purpose of the Veterans Affairs (VA) Work-Study Allowance Program is to offer an additional allowance to students in return for their performing services in VA related activities.

The VA Work-Study Allowance Program is intended as a supplemental educational benefit which can serve as a special increment that could make a desired program of education or training feasible.VA Work-Study benefits may provide the educationally disadvantaged or unemployed student with an opportunity to both earn an additional monetary benefit, while gaining work experience at their job site.


The VA Work-Study Allowance Program is payable to students pursuing a program of education or training at 3/4 or full-time status under the following programs:

  • Montgomery GI Bill-Active Duty (MGIB-AD) Chapter 30.
  • Montgomery GI Bill-Selected Reserve (MGIB-SR) Chapter 1606.
  • Montgomery GI Bill Reserve Educational Assistance Program (MGIB-REAP) Chapter 1607.
  • Vocational Training and Rehabilitation for Veterans With Service Connected Disabilities – Chapter 31.
  • Post-Vietnam Era Veterans’ Educational Assistance Program – Chapter 32.
  • Dependents’ Educational Assistance Program – Chapter 35.

The Department of Veterans Affairs will select students for the work-study program based on different factors. These determining factors include:

  • Disability of the student
  • Ability of the student to complete the work-study contract before the end of his or her eligibility to education benefits.
  • Job availability within normal commuting distance to the student.
  • The Department of Veterans Affairs will give the highest priority to a veteran who has a service-connected disability or disabilities rated by the VA at 30% or more.

Note: The number of applicants selected for the Work-Study Allowance Program will depend on the availability of VA-related work at your school or at VA facilities in your area.

Payment Rates

The payment rate for the VA Work-Study Allowance Program is paid at an hourly wage equal to the:

  • Federal minimum wage, or
  • The State minimum wage; whichever is greater.
  • Note: If you are accepted in a work-study job at your college or university, your school may pay you the difference between the VA rate and the amount normally paid to regular work-study students doing the same job as you.

You can elect to accept an advanced payment for 40% of the number of hours in your work-study agreement or for 50 hours whichever is less. After completing the hours covered by the advanced payment, the VA issues payments upon the completion of each successive period of 50 hours of service. You may work during or between periods of enrollment. You can arrange with the VA to work any number of hours you wish during your enrollment. Note: The total number of hours you work cannot be more than 25 times the number of weeks in your enrollment period.

Types of work-study jobs

The work that you perform under a VA work-study program must be related to VA work. Types of acceptable VA work are:

  • Processing VA paperwork at schools or VA offices.
  • Performing outreach services under the supervision of a VA employee.
  • Performing services at VA medical facilities or the offices of the National Cemetery Administration.
  • Note: The work you actually perform will depend on your interests and the type of work available.

How to apply

If you are interested in applying for VA Work-Study Allowance more information can be found at:

  • Any VA regional office.
  • Any VA office or Vet Center.
  • Local representatives of veterans’ organizations.
  • Reserve Education and Incentives Officers.

Call 1-888-GI-BILL-1 for more information about your nearest Work-Study location. The Work-Study Allowance Program application is VA Form 22-8691.